Rules of Survival Hacks

Rules of Survival Hacks

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Are there Cheats for Rules of Survival?
Yes indeed, cheating is possible on both mobile (Android / iOS) and PC alike through the use of Rules of Survival Hacks and Mods. The possible mods include auto aiming (aimbot) for automated aiming and shooting, improved aim assist, auto looting, dodge scripts, wallhacks (ESP), speedhacks, modidifed field of view and a lot more. However, since this is an online game, there are no unlimited gold, diamond or legendary skins hacks that stick and don’t desynchronize the game. Your save date is stored on the NetEase Games servers and cannot be hacked or modified in any way.

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Rules of Survival Hack

RoS is a mostly server-sided survival shooter, which means that the most effective way of cheating is through the use of hacks, such as aimbots and wallhacks that allow you to see enemies and items through walls, making looting extremely easy, getting kills even easier, surviving more likely and give you a great chance at that turkey dinner and the gold and diamonds that cone with it and therefore allows you to farm more crates ect A. Rules of Survival Hack will usually come either in the form of a downloadable modded game file for either Android, iOS or PC or as a script that has to be used in a game hacking tool, such as GameGuardian, Cheat Engine or Game Gem depending on the platform you play on.


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